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Une approche relationnelle des effets sur la santé en ville

Period: 2017 - 2019

"A relational approach to place-based effects on health inequalities in Paris and Montreal"

Among place characteristics which may influence health, access to various urban facilities (such as health care facilities but also commercial, cultural, transportation and leisure facilities) has a great importance.
In the project we propose to reconsider the notion of accessibility to facilities in urban settings following a relational approach to place. The objective is to create some measures of accessibility combining spatial distribution of urban facilities and people’s spatial practices. This innovative approach may help to revisit inequalities of accessibility to facilities in metropolitan areas and to study the importance of accessibility in the production of mental health inequalities.
To achieve project objectives, we used two population health surveys carried out in Paris (RECORD) and Montreal et (ISIS). The strength of these health surveys is to collect information both about people’s spatial practices and representations in the city and in the neighbourhood of residence from an interactive mapping tool (VERITAS). From these databases, we can investigate place-based effects on mental health and consider that these effects may vary according to people’s resources and their abilities to move and to experience urban places.

Coordinated by Julie Vallée, this project is based on an interdisciplinary analysis of spatial health inequalities and gathers some French and Canadian researchers in social sciences (geography and urban planning) and in health sciences (social epidemiology and public health).

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