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PhD student

CV :
Daphne Caillol is a Ph.D. student in Geography at the University Paris VII with broad interests in women migrants trajectories. She explores the dynamics cycles through which women aquire some kind of autonomy and local rooting into migration process. She is particularly interested in the notion of cycles, embodiment and anchoring for women in mobility. Her fieldwork focus on women migrants domestic workers in Jordan.


Since October 2016 :
Ph.D student in Geography at the University Paris VII / Labex Dynamite.
"Women vulnerabilities, empowerment and anchoring : Daily experiences of women domestic workers in Jordan"

Master Political science, International Cooperation, development assistance and humanitarian action - University Paris I

Master Geography and South states development study - University Paris VII

Bachelor in Geography - University Paris X / University Autonomous of Barcelone (1 year Erasmus student)


Danish Refugee Council - DRC 2015 – 2016 Cote d’Ivoire
Mixed Migration Research Officer

United Nations Office for Drugs and Crimes - UNODC 2015 Ethiopia
Legal Advocacy Officer: Strengthening Criminal Justice Responses to Trafficking in Persons (Tip) and Smuggling of Migrants (SoM) in Ethiopia and Djibouti

International Labor Organisation - ILO 2014-2015 Ethiopia
Project Assistant : Development of a Tripartite Framework for the Support and Protection of Ethiopian Women Domestic Migrant Workers to the GCC States, Lebanon and Sudan

French Research Center of Near East – IFPO 2013 Jordan
Research Trainee – Women Filipino Domestic Workers in Amman


Caillol. D, 2019 "Being Filipina in Jordan, my life, my dreams, my space", International Festival of Geography, Saint Dié des Vosges, France, October 5th.

Caillol.D., 2018 "« Employer and Employee Relationships in Domestic Workspace: Impact on Urban Experiences of Migrant Domestic Workers in Jordan » Contemporary Amman and the Right to hte City, Colombia University (Global Center Amman), Amman, 3-5 November.

Caillol.D., 2018 "« L’usage de la vidéo comme outil d’observation et de compréhension de l’espace public (et des corps qui l’habitent) » International Congres for Feminist Research in Francophonie, CIRFF 2018, University Paris X, 27-30 Agust.

Caillol.D., 2018 "Observing Diversification of Urban public Spaces through Women Spatial Practices: the case of Filipina Domestic Workers in Amman" Conference Internationale "Migrants in the globalizing city", INALCO, Paris, 9-10 July.

Caillol D., 2018, "Being Filipina in Jordan, Lifes and Spaces" Lajeh Research Program - International Conference Conflict and migration in the Middle East, Lebanese American University LAU, Beirut, 5-7 June.

Caillol D., 2018, "Presentation of the Documentary Movie Transnational Counter Public Space", Filming the migrations session - International Conference Migration and Social Integration in Jordan and the Middle East, French Institue of Near East, 2 May.

Caillol D., 2018, "Women Migrant Domestic Workers Spatial Practices in Urban Public Spaces: Between Here and There", International Conference Migration and Social Integration in Jordan and the Middle East, French Institute of Near East, 28 Avril - 2 May.

Caillol D., 2017, " From Nanny to Prisoner: the impact of carceral spaces on irregular women domestic workers", International Conference for Carceral Geographies, ,University of Birmingham, 11 - 12 December.

Caillol D., 2017, " Between self-segregation and urban diversity: an analysis of social interactions and intimacy practices of domestic workers in Jordan", International Conference Migrants in Global Cities: Experiences from Asia, the Middle East and Europe ,Asia Research Institute,University of Singapore, Singapore, 30 -31 October.

Caillol D., 2017, " When migrant’s women bodies reshape urban spaces and temporality", Annual Conference Decolonizing geographical knowledges: opening geography out to the world, Royal Geography Society (RGS-IBG), London, 30th Agust to September 1st.


Caillol D., 2018, " Trajectoires et négociations des migrantes domestiques dans la ville d’Amman : processus spatiaux et sociaux ". Space Power and Politic Workshop Espaces, pouvoirs, politiques publiques – Promotion de la jeune recherche , University of Geneva and University Paris 7, December 14th.

Caillol D., 2018, " Doing and using movie in the analysis of urban spaces a feminist perspective: presentation of the documentary Being Filipina in Jordan ". International Workshop Etudes urbaines et des genres: quelles perspectives pour la recherche-action ?, Center of Urban Studies, University of Bologna, Italy, March 22nd.

Caillol D., 2017, " Quand les femmes transforment les espaces publics : pratiques du jour de congé des migrantes domestiques dans la ville d’Amman", Workshop "Cities and Migration in Urban Territories", Géographie-cités and ANR Lajeh, University Paris Diderot, Paris, December 6th.

Caillol D., 2017, "Approcher les migrations internationales féminines: présentation d’un parcours croisé entre monde de l’humanitaire et milieu de la recherche", Workshop Master 2 South States Development Studies, Géographical Institute, Paris, November 21st.

Caillol D., 2017, "The spatial practices of women migrant domestic workers in Amman", Monthly Workshop Departement of Contemporary Studies, French Institute of Near East (IFPO), Amman, April 24th.

Caillol D., Reiser C., 2017, "Penser et travailler l’intersectionnalité en Géographie", Migrations Workshop, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, February 13th.

Caillol D, 2016, "(Re)shaping Socio-Spatial Identities of Filipino Women Domestic Workers in Amman: From Invisible Nanny to Visible Women?", Workshop Migration Working Group-Refugee and Temporary Migrant Labour Market Integration, European University Institute (EUI), Florence (Italy), November 29th.


Daphné Caillol (2019) « L’approche filmique pour travailler sur les migrantes domestiques en Jordanie », in : Sara Casella-Colombeau (dir.), Dossier « Les femmes sont-elles des “travailleurs immigrés” comme les autres? », De facto [En ligne], 12 | octobre 2019. URL :

Caillol, D. (2018). Diversification des espaces publics et mise en visibilité des femmes domestiques philippines à Amman (Jordanie). Migrations Société, 172,(2), 23-34. doi:10.3917/migra.172.0023.

Daphné Caillol (2018) "The spatial dimension of agency: the everyday urban practices of Filipina domestic workers in Amman, Jordan", Gender, Place & Culture.

Participating in the production of the NGO Report "Invisible Women: The Working and Living Conditions of. Irregular Migrant Domestic Workers in Jordan" study conducted by Tamkeen NGO, Amman Jordan, 175p. 2014


Caillol D, 2017, (8’) Making of the film "Transnational Counter Public Spaces" April 2018.

Caillol D, 2017, (12’) Making of the film "Being Filipina in Jordan : my life, my dreams, my space" October 2017.


Members of Research Group "Genre et Espace" (Gender and Space), monthly meetings.

December 2018
Coordinator of the event "Women Migrant Voices with Documentary Movies", in partnership with the french NGO Exilophone. Event to transmit research out of university.

August 2018
Member of the coordination team of the Symposium "Gender and Space between theory and practices" at International Congres for Feminist Research in Francophonie,University, Paris X, 29 August.

Proofreader (edition) for the Academic Review "Cybergéo European Journal of Geography".

Member of the Coordination Team of the monthly research workshop "Domesticités dans l’espace et dans le temps" (Domesticity across space and time), Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris.

December 2017
Coordinator of the research workshop "Villes, réseaux, migrations : les mobilités internationales dans les constructions urbaines", Labex Dynamite, ANR Lajeh, Géographie-cités, University Paris Diderot, Paris, December 6.

November 2017
Keynote Speaker at the event of the NGO Terre des Hommes "Cinéma and Human Right", screening of the movie "domestic workers", Paris.

May 2017
Coordination of the Urban Walk "Migrant in the city : the filipino neighboorhodd in Amman", ANR Lajeh, French Institute of Near East (IFPO), Amman, 2-4 May 2017.


(University Paris 7)
2018-2019 : "Gender and postcolonial Géography" Bachelor Geography year 3
"Geopolitics" Bachelor Geography year 3

2017-2018 "Qualitative Methods in Geography" Bachelor Geography year 3
"Method in University Research" Bachelor Géography year 1


Schoolarship Convergence Migration Institute.

«Female Mobility and Care Professions in the Mediterranean: Trajectories and Territoriess ». Labex Dynamite doctoral schoolarship contract.

Gender Studies Institute - Maison des Science de l’Homme MSH - Scholarship "Mobilities of Young Researcher working on Gender Studies".


Feminist Geography
Migration studies
Globalization and care work
Urban mobilities


Ph.D Student, P.A.R.I.S, Paris 7

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