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« Metropolises : crisis and mutations in the euro-mediterranean space »

Durée : 2017-2021

The program « Metropolises : crisis and mutations in the euro-mediterranean space» of the French School (Ecole Française) of Rome -EFR-, has the support of the UMR Géographie-cités and of the LabEx DynamiTe (AAP SAR-Dyn). Widening the prospect of a previous program of the EFR (« Italy, territorial reorganizations », 2012-2016) the Metropolises program aims, on the 2017-21 period, at a putting in prospect of the Italian, French and Mediterranean metropolises (in particular Italy, Spain and Greece), questioning the effect of the subprime mortgage crisis, the European crisis and the austerity policies on metropolises. The metropolitan question is seen in a transcalar prospect and interdisciplinary point of view (geography, spatial planning, other disciplines interested in territorial matters). The Metropolises Program leans on Euro-Mediterranean collaborations with various universities and, within the framework of the network of the French Schools abroad, a collaboration with the French School of Athens (EFA : Urban observatory, social and questions –the effects of the crisis) and the Casa de Velázquez (2017-19).

It uses 5 lines of action :

The program « Metropolises : crisis and mutations in the Euro-Mediterranean space » aims at meetings, at publications, at one or several doctoral seminars and at an institutional consolidation of the research network.

Person in charge: Dominique Rivière

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