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COMUE Sorbonne Paris Cité

Politiques de la Terre à l’épreuve de l’Anthropocène Territoires, Données, Méthode

Period: 2015 - 2016

Earth Policies in the Anthropocene

This international research progam has been launched by University Sorbonne Paris Cité Some researchers from UMR Géographie-cités has been involved in the first stage of the program (2013-2016), working in particular on the mediatisation of catastrophic events (Claude Grasland) , the dynamic of housing prices in metropolitan area (Renaud Le Goix) or the development of new tools for the viusalization of inequalities (Christine Zanin). One of the result of the project is a publication association specialist from Geography and earth Science :

Le Texier, M., Devès, M. H., Grasland, C., & De Chabalier, J. B. (2016).
Earthquakes Media Coverage in the Digital Age. L’Espace géographique, 45(1), 5-24

The research developped in the framework of SPC project "Politiques de la Terre à l’épreuve de l’Anthropocène" identifies how the share of media coverage devoted to a particular seismic event can be deduced from its geophysical characteristics. We analyzed over 117,000 news article summaries published online during the 1st semester of 2014 by a dozen newspapers situated across the globe. Our research has shown that there exists a general trend of focusing on a unique variable: the magnitude. Our results are interesting for geo-physicists, as they encourage them to rethink their communication strategies. They are also interesting for geographers as they suggest that online media tend to homogenize media coverage strategies of foreign earthquakes.

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