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P.A.R.I.S Research Team

Pour l’Avancement des Recherches sur l’Interaction Spatiale

The P.A.R.I.S. research team focuses on two main objects of study: the city and urban systems. Its researchers analyze spatial dynamics, considering that spatial and social interactions play a leading role in these organizations. Spatial analysis and dynamic modeling, enhanced by the contributions emerging in the sciences of complexity, are a particular focus. In addition, practices and representations of different agents are taken into consideration more systematically.
This approach has provide considerable new insight into the issue of relating scales, both spatial – from the neighborhood to the metropolis, from the city to the world – and temporal – slow dynamics in the evolution of urban systems and rapid dynamics in metropolitan areas – and into the question of spatial, social or economic contexts. The main fields, initially French and European, now extended to the USA, Asia and Africa; as a result our research is now systematically put into perspective within a comparative framework.
Our research covers three main areas:

Directors : Sophie Baudet-Michel and Hadrien Commenges

The collection of P.A.R.I.S. Open Archives



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