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PhD student
P.A.R.I.S team, UMR Géographie-Cités and ESO
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I am a PhD student at the Géographie-Cités laboratory, also working with ESO in Nantes (Space and Societies), under supervision by Julie Vallée and Jean Rivière. I work on the social positioning implied by mobilities and everyday activities and about the way social relations are shaped by them, with a focus on the lower middle-class. My hypothesis is that these ordinary practices express discreet forms of distinction, while mobilities and ways of living apparently seem very similar throughout Western socities, when not considering the most precarious social groups (those that are said to be "excluded" from this very large "middle" core). This study will be based upon interviews and fieldwork conducted in several places in France. I also work on the Cerema "Base Unique" database, which aggregates dozens of "Enquêtes Ménages-Déplacements" (Household-Mobilities Surveys), and take on the comparative approach developped by the Mobiliscope project.

Aside this research, I work with students upon subjects such as economical and social geography at the Université de Paris.

Professional training

2020-...: PhD preparation at the Université de Paris, "École doctorale 624: Sciences des sociétés"

2019-20: Géoprisme Masters Degree obtained at the Université de Paris. Degree thesis entitled Des pratiques spatiales propres aux classes moyennes ? L’exemple de la Loire-Atlantique ("Middle Class social practices? A case study in Loire-Atlantique"), supervised by Julie Vallée.

2017-19: Pedagogical training and preparation to become a patented teacher in state schools. Féadep Master’s Degree obtained at the ENS de Lyon

2016-17 : First year of "Sciences sociales" Master’s formation at the ENS de Lyon. I have realized a thesis entitled Collèges et carte scolaire : espaces de réussite, espaces d’échec. Une étude des discontinuités dans la structuration de l’espace scolaire et urbain de l’Est lyonnais ("Secondary schools and School map: from spaces of success to spaces of failure. A study of discontinuities in the structuration of school- and urban space in the eastern part of Lyon") under the supervision of Antoine Laporte (EVS, Lyon).

2016: "Géographie et aménagement" Bachelor degree at the Université Lumière Lyon 2


2020-...: Supervising tutorials at the Université de Paris (64 hours/year) such as ’Economical Geography’ and ’Social Geography’.
2019: obtained "agrégation de géographie"
2018: obtained "CAPES d’histoire et géographie" (authorized to enter the French public teaching service as an official)

Research themes

Everyday practices - Middle classes - Mobilities - Social categories - Social groups - Social mix - Spaces of reference/of living - Spatial dimension of inequalities

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Updated on : 9 April 2021


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