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Directrice de Recherche
UMR Géographie-cités, 13 rue du Four F-75006 PARIS
F.: 33 1 40 46 40 09

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Nadine Cattan is Research Director in Geography at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). She experimented during three years, at the OECD, the direction of a Unit on Territorial Indicators and Statistics. She was president of an expert Group on Gateways and prospective reflection on mobilities, at the DATAR, the agency in charge of assisting the French government in its planning policies. She was president of the scientific committee of the Gender Institute in France. Since February 2017, she is coordinator of the ERC French National Contact Point.
Her main research interests aim to understand how mobility and exchange are liable to modify the relation of society to space and consequently to entail a reinterpretation of spatial concepts and theories. She provided a critical overview on the issues of polycentrism and spatial integration in Europe. She also developed spatial models to explain how metropolitan areas are being transformed. Her current researches always integrate gender and sexualities contributing to reshape territorialities and urban space and as such to change our representation on spatial concepts. With more than 20 years of experience in mobility and network research, N. Cattan has an extensive experience in the coordination of national and international research projects: amongst others Laboratory of Excellence DynamiTe (2012-16) commissioned by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; “Water and Urban Sprawl in EU and USA” (2010-14) supported by PUF Partner University Funds; WHIG (2013-15) What is Governed? A comparison of Paris and London supported by inter-university funds; MEREV (2007-10) commissioned by the French Ministry of Research ANR; “REVEUROP” (2005) on Cities and Networks in Europe and “Polycentrism” (2001-04) commissioned by the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion.

Selected Publications

Berroir S., Cattan N., Dobruszkes F., Guérois M., Paulus F., Vacchiani-Marcuzzo C., 2017, "Les systèmes urbains français. Une approche relationnelle", Cybergeo.
On line

Cattan, N., Leroy, S., 2016, Atlas mondial des sexualités - Libertés, plaisirs et interdits, Autrement, 2e édition.
Press Review.

Cattan N., Vanolo A., 2016, "The cruise: visual representations of mobility and gendered images of pleasure", Tourist studies.
On line

Cattan N., 2016, "Hybridation des lieux et trans-territoires. Pratiques spatiales de femmes employées de maison à Beyrouth", in : Gwiazdzinski L. (dir), L’hybridation des mondes, ELYA, 259-266.

Berroir S., Bouloc C., Cattan N., Fleury A., Frétigny J.-B., Lassaube U., 2016, "La tour Eiffel dans la poche. Informalité et pouvoir dans la construction de la métropole touristique", L’Espace politique, 29, 2, 2-19.
On line

Cattan N., 2014, "Repenser la territorialité. L’apport du croisement mobilité et genre", Bulletin Société Géographie de Liège, n°62, 47-52.

Cattan N., Vanolo A., 2014, "Gay and lesbian emotional geography of clubbing: reflections from Paris and Turin. Gender", Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, vol. 21, issue 9, 1158-1175.
On line

Berroir S., Cattan N., Decroly J.-M., Fleury A., Guérois M., 2013, "Paris et Londres dans les pratiques de mobilité temporaire des Européens", in : Gravari-Barbas M., Fagnoni E. (dir), Métropolisation et tourisme. Comment le tourisme redessine Paris, Paris, Belin, 197-211.

Cattan N., 2012, "Trans-territoire. Repenser le lieu par les pratiques spatiales de populations en position de minorité", L’information géographique, vol.76, 57-71.

Cattan N., Leroy, S., 2010, "La ville négociée : les homosexuel(le)s dans l’espace public parisien", Cahiers de géographie du Québec, 54 (151), 9-24.

Cattan N., 2009, "Territoire mobile. De l’impossible concept à l’apport des études genrées", in : Rosière S., Cox K., Vacchiani-Marcuzzo C., Dahlman C. (Eds), Penser l’espace politique, Ellipses, Paris.

Berroir S., Cattan N., Decroly J.-M., Fleury A., Guérois M., 2009, "Les mobilités internationales en Europe. Berlin, Bruxelles, Londres et Paris dans les nouveaux réseaux territoriaux", Géocarrefour, 84-3.

Berroir S., Cattan N., Saint-Julien T., 2009, "Les masters en réseau : vers de nouvelles territorialités de l’enseignement supérieur en France", L’espace géographique, 1, 43-58.

Cattan N., 2008, "Gendering Mobility: Insights into the Construction of Spatial Concepts", in : Priya T., Cresswell T. (Eds), Gendered mobility, Ashgate.

Cattan N. (Ed.), 2007, Cities and networks in Europe. A critical approach of polycentrism, John Libbey Eurotext, Montrouge.

Updated on : 19 October 2017


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