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The cartography of change, changing cartography

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In recent years, new challenges for geographical representation have emerged, corresponding on the one hand to blurred, discontinuous or transitory spatialities, and on the other to evolutions and innovations in techniques enabling the visualisation of the surface of the globe. In the face of these new challenges, the cross-sectional theme “cartography of change, changing cartography” has formed around issues relating to cartographic methods and techniques. The aim is to explore ways of representing spatio-temporal dynamics, on the one hand apprehending the formalisation of this type of dynamic, and on the other addressing the issues of graphic semiology posed by these new techniques. This cross-sectional theme involves member of the UMR and external participants specialised in this area. Using a shared work environment that has been established over recent years, for both methods and theory, the group is now aiming to engage in analysis, experiment and diffusion of results, first of all via a website.
The aim of our website is

  • to propose a state-of-the-art in the form of a classified bibliography (according to degree of relevance and seven key words);
  • to provide tools and procedures for animated semiology : prototypes are being developed to provide base elements for a visual grammar enabling optimal representation of complex spatio-termporal phenomena;
  • to present examples of animated maps with commentaries in relation to this grammar.
    Work on the design of environments enabling mapping of dynamics is underway. The study of the cognitive dimension of these new representations is one of the fundamental horizons for this work.

View online : Cartomouv

Updated on : 14 April 2012


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