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13 rue du Four F-75006 PARIS
T.: 33 6 60 48 10 41

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Jose Ignacio Vila Vázquez obtained a Degree in Geography in 2009 (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela – Galicia/Spain). He obtained the Master’s Degree "Carthagéo-recherche" in 2010 in Paris (Université de Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne). He is specialized in the field of Urban studies for his PhD Thesis -"A Critical Analysis of Flagship Urban Projects: assessment of their territorial consequences and Urban alternatives" co-directed by Professors from the universities of Santiago de Compostela and Paris. He has collaborated with the research group ANTE in work on Urban and Regional Planning in Santiago de Compostela. He has worked as a cartographer for a Galician public company. At the moment he is working for CNRS in research on student mobility in Ile de France. He has delivred communications related to the fields of Geography, Urban studies, Cartography, Tourism, Migrations and History of Art in various international and national congresses. Among these communications can be notedA Critical Analysis of "Flagship Urban Projects", at the Regional Conference of the IGU (Tel Aviv, 2010) and the papers presented at IGU Urban Geography Commission: Emerging Urban Transformations. Annual Meeting 2012 in Dortmund.

His main contributions to Scientific journals are:
"La monumentalidad a través de la imagen y el simbolismo del lugar" in Symcity 2 (2008).Accéder au texte

"Paisaje, nación y literatura: una lectura de Paisaxe e nación: A creación discursiva do territorio, por María López Sández" (2009) in Documents d’anàlisi geogràfica.Accéder au texte

Other publications:
VILA VÁZQUEZ, J. I., 2011, “Une analyse critique des « flagship projects » urbains : le cas de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France” dans Piñeira Mantiñán, M. J. and Moore, N., 2011, New Trends in the renewal of the city, Santiago de Compostela, IDEGA, ISSN 2174-4386.
Accéder au texte

PÉREZ INDAVEREA A., et VILA VÁZQUEZ J. I., 2012, "Revisitando el imaginario urbano: propuesta metodológica", Actes du Congreso Español de Historia del Arte 2010, Santiago de Compostela.

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