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Peer-reviewed journal

Anatoli is an annual publication dedicated to the study of the space extending from the Adriatic to the Caspian sea. Fragmented today, its territories were more or less unified by Empires in the past. They have preserved common characteristics, that often remain in latent form. The significance of this space of the European Union is obvious.
Anatoli continues the tradition of the CEMOTI (Cahiers d’études sur la méditerranée orientale et le monde turco-iranien), a scientific journal created in 1985 by Semih Vaner. Its publication was suspended in 2008 after its founder’s death. The first issue of Anatoli, the new series of CEMOTI, titled For a new Balkan Entente, is dedicated to the regional integration of south-eastern Europe (Balkans, Turkey).
Ali Kazancigil and Georges Prevelakis are the two co-directors of Anatoli.
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