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Territorial reconfigurations of metropolitan regions

Research by the PARIS Team aims at highlighting different aspects of
social and economic change in cities. Important elements of this
research include mobility, social segregation and forms of governance.
Our studies focus on Paris as a metropolitan region but also include
comparative analyses of major world cities, primarily in Europe and
North America. We aim at developing new concepts and methods in order to
understand the current restructuring of metropolises across the full
range of spatial scales (from the neighbourhood to the city region). Our
goal is more specifically to discuss classical categories, such as
hierarchy and networks, social mixing and segregation, public and
private. Initially based on spatial analysis and modelling, our studies
now include the practices and the images of urban actors.

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Residential Developments in the Suburbs of Paris
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Berlin, Kreuzberg
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Networked Master’s degrees in Ile-de-France Region
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