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Territories and urbanisation in South Africa

IRD éditions, 2010

This CD-Rom is a commented edition of a geo-referenced database for one century of demographic and administrative follow-up of all localities, cities and territories in South Africa from 1911. In all, the 20 000 geo-referenced localities of the 2001 census are put in perspective in terms of spatio-temporal parameters, demographic history and urban dynamics, through the post-colonial, apartheid and post-apartheid periods.
DYSTURB has a threefold purpose: it is a tool enabling the study of spatial and territorial archaeology, of historical demography, and of urban dynamics. It is backed up by a series of maps and commentaries that have been developed for the CD-Rom.
The ArcGis datas and Excel data files of the database Dysturb are available on the CD.

View online : Territories and urbanisation in South Africa

Updated on : 22 April 2015


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