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E.H.GO Research Team

Épistémologie et Histoire de la GéOgraphie

The academic and research activities of the EHGO (Epistemology and History of Geography) team are focused on the critical, epistemological and historical analysis of geographical knowledge and representations. The team investigates two mains fields of research: on the one hand the issues of image, representation and writing in geography and the knowledge of space; on the other, the issue of discourse and social practices developed by geographers.
These activities are conceived both on an international scale and in an interdisciplinary approach. Research Projects are currently being developed with architects, historians, science historians, philosophers, or art critics, on various issues such as:

-  Images of the city, past and present;
-  Social and cultural history of cartography;
-  Contemporary trends in geography;
-  Geography and ethics;
-  Modernisation of space and spatial representations in modern Europe.

Directors : Olivier Orain & Nicolas Verdier

Consult the seminars calendar (Period 2018-2019)

Open Archives of E.H.GO

Associated websites:

Cartes et figures du monde - Histoire de la cartographie, cultures et savoirs géographiques


Updated on : 15 April 2019


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