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Images in the knowledge of space

This axis of research aims to develop previous research on the issue of images in geography, in relation to the construction and the diffusion of the knowledge of space.
Three groups are currently conducting investigations, mainly in the areas of cartography and photography.
The central issues are , on the one hand, an evaluation of the cognitive powers of cartography and photography, and, on the other, their involvement in modern visual cultures.
The projects use three main lines of approach: epistemology, history, and archives.

Cultural and social history of cartography
The projects in this group focus on the social, cultural, political, and symbolic uses of cartography in modern and contemporary times, and on the interactions between these uses and the cartographic forms within which they are expressed. Various archives and corpuses are investigated: maps are considered within the pragmatic contexts of military expertise, urban planning, newspapers, education, spectacles, art, and politics.

Photography, cities and territories
The project of this group (comprising geographers, architects and art historians) is to investigate the issue of the photographical representation of cities during the nineteenth century. The group is particularly interested in the representation of urban margins and outskirts. It is currently concentrating on a comparison between geographical (Institute of geography, Paris) and architectural archives (Cardot-Jolly bequest).

Iconographic, video and sound archives
In the coming years, the EHGO team, in association with the PRODIG laboratory and the Library of the Institute of geography in Paris, will develop projects for the digitalization, documentation, and diffusion of the various iconographical, video and sound archives held by the library, the PRODIG laboratory, and other public or private institutions.

Updated on : 17 April 2014


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