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C.R.I.A. Research Team

Centre de recherches sur les Réseaux, l’Industrie et l’Aménagement

Research Centre: Networks, Industry, Planning (CRIA) CRIA’s research used to focus on industrial geography and on territorial planning, but deindustrialization in Western countries has changed the focal point to other economic sectors, such as financial activities or network sectors (transportation, telecommunications). CRIA’s research also puts more emphasis on socio-spatial dynamics, spatial inequalities, and on their relationships with mobility, economic transformations or planning policies. 
The original discipline of CRIA is Geography, but a pluridisciplinary approach has been adopted for some time, in particular with Economics, Sociology and Engineering science. In terms of methods, this means that particular importance is given to actors in unterritorial planning. Thus, CRIA has formed strong connections with planning agencies, transportation companies and businesses. The team is particularly interested in the Paris metropolitan area, but its research has widened to other industrialized countries.

Research mainly focuses on this question: “Networks and territories: new proximities for planning?”

Director : Sabine Barles

Consult the seminars calendar (Period 2018-2019)

Open Archives of the C.R.I.A.

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Updated on : 2 April 2019


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