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Maître de conférences

Doctor in human geography
Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Limoges
UMR6042 - GEOLAB, team "Environmental capital"

Contact informations:
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> Postal address: GEOLAB, 39E Rue Camille-Guérin, 87036 Limoges Cedex

Research interest and topics:
> Human and rural geography, demography
> Residential mobility and life course
> Sociospatial structures (population, housing), rural gentrification
> Daily mobility, commuting, transportation modes
> Quantitative (census data, surveys data, longitudinal data) and qualitative methods

Member of current research programs funded:
2014-2018: ANR IRGENT (International rural gentrification), coordinated by Frédéric Richard (GEOLAB, Limoges, France), Martin Phillips (Leicester, UK), Peter Nelson (Middlebury, USA) (website)
2016-2020: ANR CAMIGRI (French rural areas in the dynamic of international migrations), coordinated by David Lessault (MIGRINTER, Poitiers) (french abstract)


2005-2006 : Master’s Degree 1 in geography at the University of Toulouse 2 Le Mirail
2007-2008 : Master’s Degree 2 in geography at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
2008-2012: Phd of Human Geography at the University of Paris Diderot
Thesis: Rural renewals in the French countryside : demographic trends, spatial dynamics and social recompositions, under the supervision of Catherine Rhein (CNRS, RD), very honorable with unanimous jury congratulations


2008-2011: Teaching and research assistant (“Allocataire-Moniteur”) at the University of Paris Diderot
2011-2013: Teaching and research assistant (“ATER”) at the University of Paris Diderot
2013-2015: Postdoc position at IFSTTAR - AME - DEST
2014-2016: Teaching assistant ("Chargé de cours") at the University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
2016: Postdoc position at the Lab’Urba, University Paris-Est Créteil
2016- : Postdoc position at the University of Limoges, GEOLAB


Papers in journals with reading committee
2010, "Mobilisation dans les campagnes toulousaines : conflit d’aménagement et tensions locales", Espaces et sociétés, n°143, pp. 151-169. (abstract and paper)
2011, ["Migrations résidentielles et renouveaux démographiques des campagnes françaises métropolitaines", Espace, populations, sociétés, n°3, pp. 539-555. (abstract and paper)
2014, "A la recherche d’un entre-deux spatial idéal. Motivations d’installation dans les campagnes françaises", Carnets de géographes (rubrique : carnets de terrain), n°7. (abstract and paper)
2014, "SLIDER: Software for LongItudinal Data Exploration with R", Cybergeo - revue européenne de géographie, Article n°693 [with Hadrien Commenges and Robin Cura]. (abstract and paper)
2015, "Visualisation graphique agrégée des trajectoires individuelles: revue de l’existant et application en géographie", M@ppemonde, n°115 (en ligne) [with Hadrien Commenges]. (abstract and paper)
2015, "Définitions opérationnelles du temps pour l’analyse des données longitudinales : illustration dans le champ des mobilités spatiales", Nouvelles Perspectives en Sciences Sociales, Vol. 10, n°2, pp. 199-236 [with Hadrien Commenges, David Guerrero and Laurent Proulhac]. (abstract and paper)
2016, "Recensements de la population pour l’étude des reprises démographiques et des migrations résidentielles dans l’espace peu dense (1975‑2011)", Économie et Statistique, n°483-484-485, pp. 151-178. (abstract and paper)
2016, "L’utilisation de l’automobile par les ménages dans les territoires peu denses : analyse croisée par les enquêtes sur la mobilité et le Recensement de la population", Économie et Statistique, n°483-484-485, pp. 179-203 [with Jean-Paul Hubert and Jean-Loup Madre]. (abstract and paper)
(in press), "Géographies des groupes socioprofessionnels retraités en France métropolitaine : structures spatiales, migrations et trajectoires résidentielles", Cahiers de démographie locale, n°annuel 2014.

Others publications
2013, "Les campagnes françaises : un renouveau incontestable mais très inégal", Population & Avenir, n°715, pp. 4-8. (abstract)
2013, "Renouveaux des campagnes françaises : évolutions démographiques, dynamiques spatiales et recompositions sociales", Carnets de géographes, n°6. (short article)
2014, "Le renouveau démographique des campagnes françaises", M@ppemonde, n°113. (short article)
2015, "Potentiels démographiques pour des alternatives dans les campagnes françaises", Mouvements, n°84, pp. 48-55. (abstract)
2016, "Marges spatiales de faible densité et métropolisation. Des trajectoires variées" in Grésillon E., Alexandre F., Sajaloli B. (dirs.), La France des marges, Armand Colin, Paris, pp. 71-83.

Oral communications in international congress
2010, "Rural gentrification and ageing: a case study from French countryside", ERSA (European Regional Science Association) congress, Jönköping (Suède), 19-23 august.
2011, "Rural revival and gentrification processes in French rural areas", ESRS (European Society for Rural Sociology) congress, Chania (Greece), 22-25 august.
2011, "Life course and biographical analysis of residential migrations to French rural areas", ECQTG (European Colloquium on Quantitative and Theoretical Geography), Athens (Greece), 2-6 septembre.
2013, "Birth place and residential mobility: an assessment of return migrations to French rural areas", ECQTG (European Colloquium on Quantitative and Theoretical Geography), Dourdan (France), 5-9 septembre.
2015, "Towards a cross-national database of rural gentrifications indicators", Associations of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting, Chicago, 21-25 april. [with Peter Nelson, Julien Dellier and Frédéric Richard] (abstract)
2015, "Working on rural gentrification in France with a quantitative approach: brakes and opportunities", ESRS (European Society for Rural Sociology) congress, Aberdeeen (Scotland), 18-21 august. [with Julien Dellier and Frédéric Richard]
2016, "A cross-national classification of rural areas for a cross national exploration of rural gentrification (France, UK, US)", Colloquium of rural geography : "La renaissance rurale, d’un siècle à l’autre ?", 23-27 may. [with Peter Nelson, Darren Smith, Chloé Kinton, Julien Dellier and Frédéric Richard]

Updated on : 20 October 2017


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