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Géographie-cités - UMR 8504

UMR Géographie-cités comprises more than 60 researcher-lecturers or researchers, engineers, technicians and more than 60 phD students, engaged in research combining theoretical and epistemological approaches, qualitative and quantitative methods, and empirical and comparative procedures.
Three research teams with complementary objectives make up this UMR: The C.R.I.A research team, The E.H.GO research team, The P.A.R.I.S research team.
Research work is organized according to seven key themes and to one transverse subject.

Director: Arnaud Banos - Assistant director: Sandrine Berroir
Team managers: Sabine Barles, Jean-Marc Besse et Antoine Fleury.

Bienvenue à

Pierre Pistre, nommé Maître de conférences à l’Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7, à compter du 1er septembre 2017

et aux nouveaux doctorants

The Mobiliscope

The Mobiliscope is a geovisualization tool for interactive exploration of social segregation around the clock in the metropolitan areas, taking into account daily mobility of the population .
Using large travel survey carried out in the Paris metropolitan area (EGT 2010), this tools developped in the Geographie-cités laboratory is now available online

Le portail netvibes de l’UMR réunit les flux RSS et pages web des principales sources d’informations documentaires, ainsi qu’un certain nombre de fonctionnalités utiles (moteurs de recherche, traductions etc)

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